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When it comes to home renovations, reliable contractors are the most important part of any project. Modular contractors do the best work available in Toronto. Our professional team specializes in all home renovation projects from new additions to adding a second storey to your bungalow.

But it is not always necessary to expand your living space. Sometimes all you need to do is rearrange it. Our contractors can redesign the layout of your home to give you a new and updated look and feel. As Modular provides the same services as their competitors at more reasonable prices, you can rest assured you will see a return on your investment should you decide to sell your home down the line.

Modular specializes not only in redesigning your floor plan, we can also take care of the interior mechanics such as electricity, heating and plumbing. By getting a reliable company to handle these important parts of the home renovation process, you can save yourself major headaches and money in the future.

It is extremely important to have a reliable contractor do your electrical work. The results of faulty electrical wiring are extremely dangerous and are the cause of fires and electrical shocks. Although it is important to get your project done as soon as possible, Modular will not cut any corners when it comes to the interior mechanical works. Your safety is as important to us as getting the job done.

We take the same attitude towards your heating and plumbing. Contractors often try to get the job done as quickly as possible, meaning quality is sacrificed. Modular understands that no part of the renovation process should be rushed at the expense of a top quality job. Our contractors will walk you through the entire process of your renovation plan. At Modular, we believe it is important for our customers to understand the construction process. Many contractors take advantage of the fact that their clients do not understand everything involved in their home renovations, and they use this to charge them for unnecessary services. We outline our plan from the beginning to the end.
It is easy to update your home in a fast and effective way. Some people opt to entirely redesign their home by resituating the kitchen or the living room. We can provide you the home of your dreams and take away the hassle of moving. In addition, Modular takes care of the interior finishes as well. We can install ceramic flooring in your new kitchen or hardwood or carpeting in a bedroom or living room. We also let you pick the paint colors you want before the building starts, so that you know exactly how your new home will look. By selecting these finishes at the beginning, you will know how much your renovation project will cost.
Let the contractors at Modular provide you with the best home services available in Toronto.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
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